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Why men shouldn't give fashion advice.

Why men shouldn't give fashion advice.

We all know men will be men and that the only acceptable response to the question "How do I look in this?" is "Beautiful, you stunning, gorgeous, intelligent woman." We don't expect men to be fashion experts. When it comes to women's fashion, men love yoga pants, hate Ugg boots (god forbid we wear something warm and comfey,) and usually a V-neck will get thumbs up.

So as I was clicking through our website today, I noticed our dear, dear, dear co-workers Whiskey & Randy posted a blog about fashion advice. .... WHAT?! What could these two guys possibly have to tell us about fashion? I HAD to read this, I just couldn't resist. You can read the original article here, but below is a screen shot for you.


1. “Light navy blue?”  That would be called blue- at which point, the rule is void. There is no such thing as "Light navy blue!" Don't wear navy and black together. Feel free to wear medium to dark blue with black. Ex: Black tshirt with dark wash jeans. 

2. If I see someone in polka dot “blouse” and a floral skirt - I am going to go blind. Then I’m going to blame Whiskey and Randy. There is no such thing as “clashing a little bit.” If you clash, IT IS NOT OK.

3. Loose clothing is not the same as “over-sized clothes.” If you have a muffin top, no one wants to see it. It's not sexy. You SHOULD cover the fat rolls up.

4. Why are Whiskey & Randy reading Good Housekeeping?

5. In response to the lovely graphic you used titled “Stop Wearing this Outfit” This is what we have to say to that:


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